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Sometimes it seems that everyone is going solar. In fact, the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) reports that 2017 was a record-shattering year for installations on homes across America, and thousands more homeowners are joining the movement this year.

2 Big Reasons Why Thousands are Going Solar...

Saving money is the number one reason people go solar. Instead of paying a utility bill each month, homeowners pay the same amount or less to get their utilities AND own their solar system. In some cases, utilities are paying homeowners for their solar energy output! Smart homeowners are taking advantage of local utility incentives and federal tax credits of up to 30 percent of the cost of installation, and at the same time are enjoying the significant rise in the resale value of their solar-installed home. For environment-conscious consumers, it certainly

What’s NOT so great about Solar?  

Solar is not for everyone. People who live in extreme environments with limited hours of sunshine are not good candidates. Green Living Partners has come up with 5 other circumstances where solar doesn’t make sense.  


What’s so great about Solar – for me?

Fortunately, solar does make sense for most homeowners in our Colorado Front Range region. Green Living Partners is based in Monument, and we know the suitability of solar for any home between Monument and Walsenburg. Our install crews, service reps and operation centers are all local, so we can serve you quickly and efficiently.

What's so great about Solar?

 30% Federal Tax Credit

$0 Zero Out of Pocket

How Do I Get Started? 

1. Qualify Home

  First, we need to determine if your home qualifies and get a copy of your electric bill. 

2. Design 

If your home qualifies we will create a custom design and proposal including a full list of all components, costs, incentives & options.

4. Permitting 

Our team will handle all permitting and work with your electric company and city office to make sure everything is handled properly.

5. Installation 

Installation will typically take between 1-2 days to complete. We'll select an install date that works for you.

6. Start Saving 

Once installed, your system will be inspected and your utility company will flip the switch and the savings begin!

We will answer your biggest concerns about Solar

- Is my home a good candidate for solar panels? - How many solar panels will be required to meet my energy needs? - How much will I save every month by Going Solar? - Will the Federal Government still cover 30% of the total cost? - What are all the Solar Incentives available to Colorado homeowners? - How do I Go Solar with NO out of pocket expense?

There Is No Better Time to Go Solar! 

More solar panels have been installed in the last 24 months than the previous 30 years combined. 

– With 300 days of annual sunshine, solar power is an important player in Colorado’s energy future.


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We promise to generate an accurate proposal quickly, so you can decide if solar is right for you. If it is and you want to move ahead, we’ll work around your schedule. After all, we’re neighbors living in the best place in the universe!

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